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Shark In a Box Detox

What is Shark in a Box Detox? Simply put, it’s your complete detox toolkit delivered to your front door. No longer do you have to depend on expensive inpatient treatment that requires you to put your life on hold or let everyone in your community know you are getting treatment. Shark in a Box Detox is a personalized kit delivered to you, coupled with our telehealth virtual addiction recovery services with an addiction specialist who cares. Addiction treatment is an incredibly personal journey that takes time and patience. Addiction is a cruel disease that rips at vulnerabilities and nips at the subconscious relentlessly. Despite common misconceptions, controlling addiction is not a matter of willpower any more than controlling blood sugar is for a diabetic. Having the tools and resources available to help in your moments of wavering temptation is paramount to your long term success.

Who says one day clean isn’t a big deal? An active addict thinks about using every minute of every day. A single day without using is 1,440 times you said no. That’s a BIG deal.

Why home detox kits? Because, unlike the dramatic audio in a Hollywood movie warning the viewers of pending danger, the trouble with real life is that there is no danger music. Keeping up on your recovery requires a proactive approach and a treatment team that listens and cares, and, more importantly, is available when you are most vulnerable. Addiction is a continual process that requires time, commitment, and patience. At Shark Addiction Treatment we understand that home is the most comfortable and safe place for many people to be (if this is not the case, please contact us to discuss safer options for you!). And, we believe that when you begin to face and manage your addiction at home, you’ll more effectively learn to overcome obstacles and change the routines that enable your addiction. When you have the tools at home, you can prevent a step backward from being a full-on relapse that thrusts you from the bandwagon, so to speak. Get back on the road to recovery quicker, without feeling the shame that drives many to give in to their demons. With the discrete convenience of detox in a box, you can pick yourself up and get the treatment you need.

It is important to keep in mind that addiction recovery is not easy, and for some people, home may not be the safest place to detox. If you have a severe or persistent addiction, your addiction specialist will discuss your best options with you.

Shark In a Box Detox home treatment kits are equipped with everything you need to detox safely and effectively. You’ll start by contacting the addiction specialists at Shark Addiction Treatment. You and your addiction specialist will discuss your addiction and symptoms to ensure that everything you need is included in the box. Then, it’s shipped directly to you. Armed with the supplies you need and the support you deserve, you can begin your recovery from the comfort of your own home, without announcing it to the world. We offer discrete private pay options. Download the Medici app on your smartphone, and schedule an appointment today - the doctors code is Shark.

Like the great white shark, you are a formidable force. Take a bite out of addiction, and begin your journey toward sobriety today.