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Virtual Addiction Recovery Support

Anyone recovering from an addiction can attest that it is a very difficult journey and one that is nearly impossible to do without the right support network. The reason that Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups are so successful has little to do with the guiding principles and more to do with the support of those who have been where you are and the comradery of fighting the battle of addiction together.

Addiction, unlike other diseases, is not something that can be cured. While an addict may go into remission — sobriety — it is fragile and relapse is always possible. What helps the addiction recovery process is a network of support from caring family and friends to complete strangers who are willing to talk you down. 2020 and the global coronavirus pandemic have left people isolated and alone, for the sake of their health. For many addicts, this has only served to trigger relapses or the urge to use. It is important to know that you are not alone and there are options for you in this tumultuous time.

At Shark Addiction Treatment, our team led by Founder and CEO Brianne Brown, is here to ensure that your treatment doesn’t go interrupted during this unprecedented time. With all of the current changes and everyone spending more time at home, we all have a chance to hit the restart button in our lives. We have the opportunity to slow down, make improvements, and come out of this stronger than we were before. If you are like many others, this isn’t a journey to take alone. Our rehabilitation experts are here to help and have been offering remote addiction recovery services long before coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines occurred. We deeply understand the importance of immediate intervention and response and know that in times of crisis there is no waiting until the next business day to schedule an appointment. We are always here for you.

The team members at the Shark Addiction Treatment center are here to help on your path to recovery! Whether you’re suffering from an opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, benzodiazepine abuse, stimulant abuse, or nicotine disorder, we are always just a phone call away. We offer telehealth appointments and convenient “detox in a box” mailed directly to your home. We offer discrete private pay options.

Download the Medici app on your smartphone, and schedule an appointment today - Doctors code is Shark.

Together, we can overcome addiction and work toward a brighter future.